Some Questions Answersed

  • What is the difference with a formal training in an ATO / DTO (Training Organisation) ?

Though Alfa Flight BV is a Declared Organisation, it is not a Training Organisation aimed at training people to obtain a flight license​. The licensing path requires both theoretical as well as practical commitments and exams. The Alfa Flight "Training Program" is targeted at those professionals who like to acquire the skill of flying without the licensing requirements. 

  • What does the pseudo-solo flight means ?

Just as in a normal Training Organisation, the idea is to take the necessary number of dual flights in order to obtain the skill to perform the 1st solo, where as in Alfa Flight this is always done in dual with a certified instructor, hence pseudo. It is however imperative that the instructor doesn't intervene in the full flight before being granted with our wings.​

  • Is there a choice to be made in terms of type of airplane ?

Yes! You can choose :​

  1. SPL : maximum 50 starts with a towed sailplane in dual with a certified flight instructor

  2. TMG : maximum 15 hour of self contained flight with a touring-motorglider in dual with a certified flight instructor

  3. HYB : a combination, with maximum 30 starts with a towed sailplane in dual, and maximum 6 hour of self contained flight with a touring-motorglider in dual with a certified flight instructor

  • Does the program provides extra services ?

Yes! Since we know time is money, we provide​ :

  1. free access to our remote office(s) during the program, making it possible to work remote if needed or obliged (due to unforseen weather conditions or other)

  2. access to the hotel "les 100 ciels", making it possible to combine 2 or more days onsite

  3. access to the restaurant "les 100 ciels"

  4. plane-ready in priority lane, meaning direct access to the plane without the least delay to get airborne


Some Remarks

  • The program is by default interrupted during all school holidays.

  • There is a notification of minimal 48 hours in advance to be made via our flight scheduler.

  • Only after confirmation by the instructor a flight is planned for execution.

  • Flying and Thermaling is hugely dependent on weather conditions.


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