Business Community

Company membership of this Alfa Flight Business Community will give your employees, customers or other valuable relations access to a B2B aviation network where they can

  • develop themselves using aviation as an enabler

  • get connected with others in a B2B context with aviation as common ground

  • get recognition and rewarding from you

Alfa Flight offers to the Community Members, both pilots as well as non-pilots

  • learning programs

  • access to sailplane experiences

  • hop-along motorplane experiences

  • invitations to specific aviation events like airshows

  • access to our remote offices onsite

  • access to hotel, resto and bar onsite

By becoming part of the Alfa Flight Community, you will get for your company

  • a HR development support program

  • branding value by helping funding our Young Talent Program

  • an increase in customer satisfaction


Meanwhile, following our Alfa Flight LinkedIn Page will give you a chance of free flying vouchers, so feel free to subscribe.

We would love to onboard you anytime soon.

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